It’s an island. It’s a country. It’s a continent. Australia has it all – and then some. Hidden gems of restaurants with all kinds of foodie flare, wilderness adventures that you can enjoy in a day, unfathomably beautiful stretches of beaches where you can decompress… the hardest part of traveling in Australia is narrowing down what to see next. Keep reading below to learn how you can “travel the world” in Australia without ever leaving its vast and wonderful borders.

For transporting your tastebuds

If food is your driving force, you’ll be well-satiated in gastronomically diverse Australia. Here are some of the ways we think your palate will be pleased:

  • Melbourne is known for its cosmopolitan elegance and artistic flare, but for the foodie, you’ll want to visit as many of its urban cafes as possible. Local baristas spend years perfecting their pull of espresso and creating coffees that will make you an Australian coffee culture fanatic for life.
  • The Adelaide Hills in South Australia is a rugged wine wonderland boasting over 60 wineries and is just 20 minutes outside of Adelaide proper. Whether you’re a chardonnay or a shiraz, this area rivals the wine regions of France and California with its mesoclimates and diversity.
  • All it takes is a short meander through Sydney’s Inner West neighbourhoods to enjoy a global spectrum of food options at your fingertips. From award-winning dining in Surry Hills to edgy veggo vibes in Newtown, you can walk any direction from Sydney’s CBD and find something deliciously international.

For feeling far away without going too far

You don’t have to travel far from any major city in Australia to find yourself perfectly surrounded by nature and outdoor adventure. Here are some of our favourite examples:

  • The Blue Mountains one hour outside of Sydney feel like you’ve escaped to the great American West and will give you an important understanding of the rich indigenous history abounding in this region.
  • Litchfield National Park is a paradise of waterfalls and waterholes rivalling the Philippines’ Visayas and just 90 mins outside of Darwin. Kakadu National Park – although a little further away at 3 hours – is an extensive, biodiverse ecosystem and the largest national park in Australia.
  • The Dandenong Ranges an hour outside of Melbourne feel like you’ve stepped back into prehistoric times with gorgeously green fern tree forests once roamed by dinosaurs.
  • Always wanted to see The Congo? Well, The Daintree outside of Cairns is one of the largest rainforests in the world and an incredible 165 million years old. Its trees can grow to 50 metres high and some of the plants even glow-in-the-dark.
  • Kings Canyon in the Red Centre of Australia is a 3.5 hour drive from Alice Springs but will have you feeling like you’ve driven all the way to The Grand Canyon.

For experiences near, on and under the waves

Whether you want to get wet or just enjoy the sound of the waves from the comfort of your towel, Australia is world-renowned for its endless beaches and fabulous opportunities to dip beneath the ocean surface. Here are some Australia spots that will rival places further afield:

  • There are limitless beach options near Perth, the sunniest capital city in the world. It’s an incredible starting point in Western Australia for relaxed, isolated beach time unlike anywhere else on the planet.
  • If scuba diving and snorkelling are your sports-of-choice, you don’t need travel to The Maldives or The Red Sea to get your fix. Using Cairns as your home base, you’ve got a variety of options to go explore The Great Barrier Reef and enjoy an almost unparalleled diversity of marine life and coral gardens.
  • If you prefer a beach vibe with easy access to day-time-play-time and nightlife galore, you’ll want to be in Brisbane or Surfers Paradise on The Gold Coast. It’s the perfect playground for adults and kids alike.

Enjoyed our recommendations?
Feel free to explore our amazing hotels in Australia for more inspiration.

Enjoyed our recommendations?

Feel free to explore our amazing hotels in Australia for more inspiration.

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