The City of Lights

Hong Kong captivates from the moment you arrive. Glittering skyscrapers, tree-strewn mountains, ferries elegantly cruising through the harbour… and that’s before you’ve even sampled the extraordinary food. Its unique mix of frenetic city living, quirky shops and world-class dining is stimulating and energising.
Every day is an opportunity to take in a dozen sights and lots of delicious meals. The list of things to see in Hong Kong is never-ending, but here’s where to start.

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Peak Sightseeing

One of the greatest attractions in Hong Kong is simply gazing at its impressive skyline. Hop on the Peak Tram (a funicular railway) up the steep slope to Victoria Peak for a panoramic view.

You can take the tram back down again or enjoy the walk. With plenty of trees, this area has some of the freshest air in the territory. You’ll have seen the waters surrounding Hong Kong Island from the top of Victoria Peak, but the movement of the myriad boats is a sight best enjoyed at sea level. The Star Ferry has been crossing Victoria Harbour since 1880 and is a delightfully leisurely way to travel from the Island to Kowloon. If you go at 8pm, you’ll see the Symphony of Lights from the boat deck: music starts playing, and LED lights, searchlights and lasers illuminate buildings on both sides of the harbour in a multimedia spectacle.

While in bustling, busy Kowloon, make a stop at the fabulous Hong Kong Museum of Art, a tiled waterfront building well-organised into galleries of Qing and Ming ceramics, Chinese brush paintings, and contemporary art. Your itinerary of things to do in Hong Kong should also include at least one temple, and Man Mo is one of the oldest and most atmospheric. Dedicated to the gods of literature, the interior is opulent and colourful, with incense smoke hanging in the air. It’s the perfect place to enjoy a moment of calm amidst Hong Kong’s constant buzz.

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