Australia's Harbour City

Bold, sometimes brash, undeniably beautiful: this fair-weathered city twinkling in the harbour sun has a habit of reminding visitors just how much life is worth living. The beach is a locus for many Sydneysiders, and part of the fun of a stay in the city is deciding which particular stretch of golden sand is your favorite.

Here, hedonism runs alongside high culture: Sydney has some superb, cutting-edge museums, and dazzling indigenous works feature in abundant galleries. And, just as Australia has one of the world’s most multicultural populations, so modern Aussie cuisine melds Asian, Anglo and other flavours in its own, tantalising way.

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Beach life

With so many other things to do these days, some locals might not put beach-going at the top of their list of things to do in Sydney. But it’s a fair bet that plunging into the city’s legendary swell will be top of the list for many visitors pondering what to do in Sydney after a long flight. The only thing is deciding which beach to sample first.

The world-famous and beautiful Bondi beach is a safe choice. The beach itself is a broad curve stretching lazily for a kilometre, with the Icebergs ocean swimming pool at one tip, providing a gentle introduction to the waves. On other sections, the beach is renowned for its surfing, but Bondi is as much a lure for its hipster caf├ęs, hangouts for the lissome and sun-kissed. Choosing your favourite cafe is another one of the essential things to do in Sydney.

Bronte and Tamarama beaches, a stroll to the right of Bondi while looking out to sea, are smaller, slightly more in-the-know bathing spots where the local vibe is stronger. Further afield, gentle, exquisite Palm Beach is good for kids, and the unpretentious Manly beach stretches for as long as an Aussie bar-propper’s yarn.

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